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Kumar Abhirup

Kumar Abhirup

Founder @ PropagateAt

Start your own Premium SMS Newsletter Today Courtesy: Unsplash

You may feel like Texting is unusual, but it's unique, and can help your newsletter stand out from the other newsletters ๐Ÿš€

Did you know that the Average Email Open Rate is just 15 to 25 percent? That means, out of every 100 people you send your emails to, only 15-25 open them.

This is purely not the case with Text Message newsletters. SMS Newsletters have an Average Open Rate of 90% and above! (Source).

Can you imagine it? It could also be an MMS Newsletter, it doesn't have to be just text.

Also, 90% of the Text messages are read within 3 minutes of delivery. This shows that People are not only just reading your SMS messages; They are reading them almost as soon as you send them!

ย  Fun Fact

American smartphone owners aged 18-24 send around 2000 text in a month.

Here's the best part about these SMS Newsletters... You can monetize them. Yes. You can get paid subscribers over SMS newsletters or on text message newsletters, using PropagateAt. It is the Substack for SMS.

Imagine you are a content creator, with 100s of fans always wanting to connect with you. Using PropagateAt, you will get a new phone number, just for managing your Texting newsletter.

Then you will be able to tweet to your followers something like this ๐Ÿ‘‡

Once you do that, 100s of people start texting you, and if your newsletter was set to be a "premium newsletter" then people who texted you will get a paying link to subscribe. If you loyal fans, this is a very great opportunity to monetize & grow your Text Message Newsletter.

Sign up with PropagateAt

Currently, we are a closed invite only platform. If you want the exclusive access, (85% of applicants get it), just fill your information here. It takes just 2 minutes.

After you do that, we will reach out to you within a day to help you get your newsletter setup. You will also get your Login code so that you can sign in with PropagateAt.

Buy a number on Twilio on an Upgraded project

Once you get PropagateAt's access, just follow this guide to connect your Twilio account to PropagateAt.


This process is temporary. This Twilio Integration will only stay for first few stages of our product. Later, it will be a seamless process all without leaving the PropagateAt dashboard.

Decide the name of your newsletter

Make it something very attractive.

In the PropagateAt Newsletter dashboard, set a name & description that would give your fans a clear idea about what your newsletter is about.

Have a good name

Share & Promote your newsletter

Yep! Now that you have your twilio number, and a newsletter all connected together, it's time to talk about it. Tell your fans to text you to your number so they get all the updates you wanna send them.

If you are on Twitter, you would probably want to tweet something like this ๐Ÿ‘‡

MyGuyZilla Text me tweet #textme

Wait, and see them coming

Grow and market your newsletter to the masses,
and start composing great content!

Compose great Text Messages

Ending Note

We are always here for your assistance. Please type in the chatbox, or email us at :)


PropagateAt is a Paid SMS Newsletter Service to help creators monetize their content on SMS

It is the Substack for SMS.