Authenticate API Requests

Every API endpoint is secured and requires user's authentication to be unlocked and used.

To use API,

  • go to your dashboard
  • click API Details in navbar
  • copy API Secret Key

Do not share this API secret key. If leaked, your account will be compromised.

Make sure that you authenticate or make API requests from a secure backend. Do not make these API requests on the frontend or the client.

Now, for every request you make to the API on any endpoint, you will have to add Authentication Header, like this: Authentication: Bearer {{API_SECRET_KEY}}.

-H 'Content-Type: application/json'
-H "Authorization: Bearer {{API_SECRET_KEY}}"

If you requested with the correct headers, you will get the following response:

"data": {
"message": "Authenticated Successfully"

Make sure your request is sent in the JSON Format.