Get subscribers by text

Having to tell people to go to a link and put their number to subscribe to an SMS Newsletter, is old, laggy and unintuitive.

You know what's cool? Telling everyone to subscribe to your newsletter, in simple real world slogans, like: "Heya all! Text me anything at +1 (---) --- ---- and I'll send you premium content".

It helps establish a personal connection with your subscribers as phone numbers feel more personal and connecting.

When you integrate your Twilio SMS Account with using SMS/MMS Capable Phone Number, your account activates the SMS Slogan feature.

For this feature to work well as expected, we recommend you to only create one newsletter per account.

What happens when someone texts me to subscribe to my free newsletter

When someone will text anything to your integrated number, that person's phone number will be subscribed to your newsletter (if the newsletter is free).

If you have more than 1 newsletter, the person will be subscribed to the newsletter you updated most recently.

When the person subscribes to your FREE newsletter, that person's

  • phone number {{number}}
  • message used to subscribe {{messageUsedToSubscribe}}
  • {{zipcode}}
  • {{city}}
  • {{state}}
  • {{country}}
  • {{smsMessageSid}}

gets saved to the database. You can do {{datapoint}} do dynamically print these values in the messages you send to your newsletter subscribers.

What happens when someone texts me to subscribe to my paid newsletter

If the latest newsletter you updated is a paid newsletter, then the person who texted you to your Twilio Integrated SMS Number would not be directly subscribed.

They will get an automated reply message with a payment link, where they can pay you and subscribe to your newsletter.

Here's how the chat would look like to your incoming subscriber 👇 Subscriber subscribing to a creator

For paid newsletters as of now, no extra data like zipcode, or city/state gets saved. That feature is currently only available for free newsletters. This feature may get added soon for paid newsletters in the upcoming time period.


If you have a United States Twilio SMS number, you can send messages and text anyone in the world.

The only limitation is, you cannot receive from everyone in the world. With a US number, you can only receive messages from US, UK, Western EU and Canada. So, people from rest of the world will have to subscribe to your SMS Newsletter manually by the newsletter public join link.

Ending note

This is a fun "physical world way" to market yourself out there. You may now put advertisements and banners that tell people to text you and subscribe to you!

It will help you establish a personal connection with your subscribers on SMS.