Integrating Twilio Account with SMS

To connect with your paid/free subscribers on SMS, you will need to setup a Twilio account & connect it with PropagateAt.

Let's do this!


You don't have to do all this. You can just log in into the dashboard and type in the chat for assistance.

We will do it all manually for you, so you can sit back straight and connect with your subscribers on SMS.

But if you are comfortable with setting things up yourself, go ahead! :)

Setup a Twilio Account


Login or Signup with Twilio. Twilio is the API currently uses to send SMS messages.

Follow the Twilio onboarding process, and also create a project as it tells you. Don't worry about the names and stuff, it can all be changed later.

Upgrade your project

Click "Upgrade Project". It takes minimum $20 to upgrade your Twilio project. It is the balance for all your SMS costs.


You may try using Twilio SMS Trial Sandbox. But we don't recommend it since it has a few limitations.

Calculate the price of each SMS and how much estimated audience you have, fill the balance accordingly.

Check out the Twilio SMS Pricing here.

Currently, we recommend you to buy United States numbers because they seem to have the least restrictions. You may toggle and see pricing for your country's numbers.

Here are the Twilio US Number SMS Costs:

Number usedSend CostReceive Cost
Local Number (recommended)$0.0075 per message$0.0075 per message
Toll-free Number$0.0075 per message$0.0075 per message
Short Code Number$0.0075 per message$0.0075 per message

Buy a number

In your Twilio dashboard, open sidebar, click on the ‘#’ sign to open the "Phone Numbers" section, then click "Buy a Number".

Buy a Number from Twilio

You can also port a number into Twilio following their usual process, or use an existing Twilio number you’ve already purchased.


We recommend that you use a US number for lesser cost and more reach.

When you click "Search", you will get a list of numbers to buy. US local numbers typically cost $1/mo, the money will be deducted from your Twilio balance.

Make sure you buy the number with the SMS and MMS capabilities, else the number won't be able to connect with PropagateAt.


If you accidentally buy a number with no SMS and MMS capability, you can release the number and buy other one that has those capabilities.

But remember, make sure you buy the number with the SMS and MMS capabilities.

After you buy the number, make sure you remember it. Copy it in your clipboard or something. You will need it later to connect to PropagateAt.

Setup reply webhooks

  1. Open sidebar, click "Phone Numbers", click "Manage Numbers" > "Active Numbers".

  2. You will see the number you bought in the list. Click it.

  3. Scroll down and you will see a "Messaging" section.

  4. Update the "A message comes in" input field by pasting this url there:

  5. Click "Save" to save the changes.

Setup Twilio SMS PropagateAt Webhooks

Get AccountSID and AuthToken

Now you need Twilio Account Credentials. The Account SID and Auth token are found in your Twilio Console Dashboard. To navigate there in your Twilio account, click on the house icon in the upper left corner of your Twilio sidebar.

Get Twilio Account SID and AuthToken for PropagateAt

Copy them and paste them somewhere. The secret keys will be needed later to connect Twilio to PropagateAt.

Integrate Twilio with PropagateAt

Sign in to, in the dashboard, click "Integrations". There, you will see the SMS Integration box, just fill in the Twilio phone number you bought, Twilio Account SID, and your Twilio Auth Token and click "Integrate".

PropagateAt SMS Integration

If the credentials were correct, and if you followed the steps properly, you will see a Green Checkmark suggesting that you successfully integrated your Twilio Account.

So, yay 🎊! You did it!

Now get subscribers in your newsletter and compose your SMS Messages! 💃

More questions

Feel free to contact our support team at, and we will get back to you ASAP. You can also use the live chat widget on our website for live support.

This article will be updated often as Twilio changes its policies and UI.